Risk Management

HP-019        Reviewed 08/12/2019

OTHR has systems and procedures to manage risk and maintains risk register. The OTHR Systems Manager is responsible for maintaining the Register’s currency and  is the initial point of contact for all queries relating to risk management procedure.

Refer to RM-001 for a full description of the OTHR Risk Management Process

Risk Management Process

The Risk Matrix below has been determined to suit our needs and operations, and is used to analyse, evaluate and rank identified risks.


Refer to RM-001 for detailed procedures and guidelines for managing OTHR’s risks.


Procedure and Guidelines


Risk Register – Ongoing Risk Exposures

The documents attached below pertain to risks which are part of the general ongoing operations of OTHR.  These registers are to be reviewed by the Management Committee on a regular basis based on the requirements in RM-001.



OTHR Associated Documents:


RM-009 Risk Register 20200616


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