SMS Review

HP-013        Reviewed 08/12/2016

OTHR has a process which reviews the effectiveness of its SMS regularly. A listing of reviewed SMS documents and their status is attached under OTHR Associated Documents at the bottom of this page.

The aim of the review is to consider whether any changes are required to the SMS in light of:

  • our safety performance measures,
  • records of incidents and breaches of the system,
  • safety alerts or notices received from the regulator
  • recommendations arising from audits, inspections and investigations during the year,
  • feedback from consultation, and from our rail safety workers

Summary of the Review Process:

The following things are done to ensure an effective review and revision:

  • The System’s Manager is responsible for coordinating and implementing the review with the assistance of the committee as required.
  • Undertake consultation amongst our rail safety workers, OTHR members, relevant stakeholders and industry professionals outside of the organisation.  This includes approaching individual Rail Safety Workers at a Tool Box meeting held for this purpose.
  • The review is conducted via a special committee meeting held a couple of months prior to due date of the Annual Safety Performance Report.
  • Minutes of this meeting are kept and include full details of the matters which were considered including copies of supporting documentation.
  • Ensuring a plan is established to implement recommended changes, and any actions are included on the committee ‘outstanding actions list’ to ensure they occur.
  • Communicate the results of the review to rail safety workers via general meetings, toolbox meetings and updates on our website, and members at the AGM
  • The results of the review are summarised and included in the annual Safety Performance Report which is submitted to the Rail Safety Regulator.


OTHR Associated Documents:


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