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OTHR volunteers have been busy over the past four weeks with a number of activities which was well supported by:

Monthly open day supporting the Skoda Tatra Museum official opening saw over 7 members helping out on the day, also to note the three volunteers from Oberon Youth Council providing wait service.

OTHR also had an open day in support of the Oberon Heritage & Collector Club and four other museums in “Open day at Oberon” this function again was where supported by OTHR volunteers and had good crowds despite a rainy afternoon.

Vegetation control > You can see the results of ‘chipping away’ at the weeds the yard is looking much loved again.

Signal and Levers> Mick the signal man did some maintenance of the ‘Home Stick’ and ‘C’ frame levers and rodding. Mick is planning to work his way through the yard with a squirt here and a adjustment there.

Project working bee> the replacement of 10 turnout timber bearers and a 6m closure rail on the back end of the turnout Road 2 and PWD siding. A lot of preparation has gone into to prep the site and get the materials onsite ready to go on the day. Oberon Council provided an excavator and operator for the day as part of their ‘in kind’ support to OTHR. Also, some work done on the internal side of the Freezer Van door.