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OTHR volunteers have carried out a number of jobs in the Oberon yard which included:-
• Vegetation control by Barry.
• Removal material from either side of the sleepers for better drainage, this work was carried on Road 3 (in part).
• De-clutter of the awning area.
• Double pinning a number of sleepers through the Crossing and Check / Stockrail unit.
• Sorted out some rail by the weight sizes, stacked some scrap rail on a trailer for disposal.
• Worked on the control rodding / compensator for the Catchpoint.
• Unloaded 26 tonnes of hardwood timber for the station platform retaining wall and coping edge.

Below are some photos of the platform timbers

Next working bee is 7th & 8th August

1. More compensator work – checking and repair – making sure that everything works according specification
2. Removing lengths of rail with condemned foot replacing same – shifting from stockpile on Lowes Mt Rd
3. De-cluttering area next to container
4. Moving caravan
5. Container – Assembling shelving from Bunnings and getting “stuff” off the floor