Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway (OTHR) mission is to be an accredited train operator to run a tourist train from Oberon station to the Oberon branch siding at Tarana station on the main western line. This would allow for tourists to ride in a heritage train along the Oberon Tarana branch line which was also known as the pioneer line.

Further, the running of this train would generate tourist related jobs in the Oberon area and give residents in the Oberon Bathurst area an opportunity by volunteering at OTHR to enhance rail heritage in the local area.

Also network with other rail heritage groups and museums, at Valley Heights, Lithgow, Zig Zag, Oberon, Bathurst and Orange to form a Heritage Railway partnership to promote the area as Railway Tourist Precinct.

Fund Raiser

Have you made a donation recently?

Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway Inc. (OTHR) is constantly raising funds. With all the goodwill in the world, our vision cannot happen without a constant cash flow and you can make it happen.

OTHR committee has a Business Plan to bring the Oberon Tarana Branch Line up to operating specifications but there are a myriad of start-up costs, independent reports and dollar for dollar grant contributions to cover.

With our vision, hard work, and your contributions that vision will become a reality.

OTHR committee will have Stage One, Oberon to Hazelgrove up and running within two years of reaching our funding goal, but it is up to you to help reach that goal.

To make that donation head to “GoFundMe” at https://www.gofund.me/2mhftk44 and follow the prompts, or simply send a cheque to P.O. Box 299, Oberon NSW 2787 and mark it “fundraiser”.

Railmotor visit to Tarana


The nicely restored railmotor on tour with Insights Tours. Railmotor supplied and crewed by the Rail Motor Society from Paterson.

The nicely restored railmotor on tour with Insights Tours. Railmotor supplied and crewed by the Rail Motor Society from Paterson.

At Tarana station on Wednesday, May 11th the Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway members were on hand to welcome an  Insights Tours group, travelling in railmotor set 721/621 belonging to the Rail Motor Society www.railmotorsociety.org.au  from Paterson. Over 35 people on the tour made a stop at the Tarana Pub for a hearty lunch in a dining area heated by a blazing fire. By all reports, the food and fire were much appreciated by all the travellers on a cold and windy day.

As the travellers sat down to dine, a presentation was made by Tim and Col to inform the gathering of the recent progress and future plans of the OTHR for the restoration of the 24km Oberon Line as a tourist railway. The new brochures were handed out as well as the latest copy of the Newsletter. A great deal of interest was generated and several questions were answered after the brief talk.

OTHR members Elaine, Tim and Glenda manned the stand which we had set up on the platform, with many historical photos of the Oberon Line and a large range of souvenirs on display. These proved to be of great interest to the tour group. Some old friendships we renewed on the platform, as this is the second time OTHR has hosted an Insights group. OTHR looks forward to increasing our collaboration with Insights and other tour companies in the future as we progress towards running tourist trains to Hazelgrove.

Tour guide John Tuckerman handing over a donation to OTHR President Tim Arnison

Tour guide John Tuckerman handing over a donation to OTHR President Tim Arnison

Oberon Highlands Steam and Vintage Fair Feb 2016

On 12 and 13 February 2016 the Oberon Highlands Steam and Vintage Fair was held once again by Oberon Heritage and Collectors Club. The Oberon to Tarana Heritage Railway took part and in conjunction held our 10th anniversary dinner!

General Notices

The next Ordinary Meeting will be held on Wednesday 6 December 2017 at 7.30pm
in the Oberon RSL Club. All members are invited to attend.  

A Working Bee will take place from Saturday 4 November 2017 to Wednesday 8 November 2017.
Meet at the Rolling Stock Shed at 8.00 am – Late comers welcome
Working Bees start at 8.00 am and finish 3.00/4.00 pm
Contact Track Manager Graham Williams 0422 596 438 for more information.

Railway Heritage Display – Oberon Station – Saturday 4 November 2017 10.00 am to 2.00 pm
A collection of railway items, maps, photographs and merchandise on display.