General Notices

The next Working Bee will take place from Saturday 1st to Wednesday 5th November.
Meet at the Rolling Stock Shed at 8.00 am – Late comers welcome
Working Bees start at 8.00 am and finish 3.00/4.00 pm

The next General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 5th of November
at 7.30 pm in the Oberon RSL Club

                            Highlands Steam and Vintage Fair – February 6, 7 & 8 2015
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Wanted and Needed
60 lb fishplate bolts, nuts and spring washers in any condition
If you can help or know of a reliable source of these items please contact the
Track Manager Graham Williams on 0422 596 438


October Working Bee Report

The October Working Bee was a great success. It actually go under way on Wednesday 1st with the laying of 3 cubic metres of concrete at the far end of the rolling stock shed. This early start was necessary because the big plan for the weekend was to continue “Road 2” to the back of the shed and the concreting had to be done before that because the newly laid rail would prevent a concrete truck from reversing to the back of the shed.

The major tasks completed from Saturday 4th to Wednesday 8th were:
• Placed sleepers under “1” & “2” roads
• Connect rail and place fish plates to the frog on “2” road
• Refixed timbers to frog “2” & “3” road
• Lay sleepers and rail into shed for “2” road
• High pressure spraying of refrigerated van to clean it and remove graffiti where possible
• Place sleepers and rail to the very end of the shed for the “2” road
• Cut and fir rail for “2” road and closures into points for “2” road

The combined hour count of the ten volunteers from 1st to 8th Nov3ember was 147 hour. Ian Davis and Graham Williams topped the table of total hours worked. Peter Culley’s sterling effort (skill and expertise) on the excavator ensured that the participants did not have to do too much lifting and shifting of the sleepers. Basically a good time was had by all and we look forward to seeing more people at the November event.

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Rolling Stock move from Bathurst to Oberon

On Saturday 13th and Tuesday 16th of September, a bogie ballast plough van, refrigerated van and flat wagon were moved from Bathurst to Oberon railway yard.

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September 2014 Working Bee

September Working Bee
The September working Bee was held over the 5 days Saturday 6th to Wednesday 10th. A variety of activities were carried out. Eight people were in attendance for all of or some of the 5days and over 102 hours of work were completed.
Completed tasks
• Rail to connected to frog
• Machinery relocated in the back of the shed
• 150 sleepers moved from Hazelgrove to Oberon
• Fish plates were added
• Sleepers replaced on main line near the station
• Installation of catch point on road 1
• Rails cut to length for road 1 & 2
October Working Bee Saturday 4th to Wednesday 8th.