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The Sleeper Club

The Sleeper Club was launched in June 2007 to give our many supporters an opportunity to contribute to the preservation of the Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway.

  • Many enthusiasts are actively involved in the track restoration work. Others can’t attend the working bees but want to assist us in a meaningful way. By giving $20 to purchase a sleeper, you will become a member of OTHR’s Sleeper Club.
  • Many thousands of dollars are needed to buy sleepers to complete the project.  Every $20 contributed buys one sleeper.
  • OTHR has members from all over Australia, in Canada and the USA and so far $20,000 has been donated to the Sleeper Club.
  • Donations are tax deductible and contributors will receive an attractive numbered certificate to keep for posterity.
  • Perhaps donors would like to purchase a sleeper as a gift for someone in their family or in memory of a loved one.

Contributors’ names will also be recorded in a special journal which will end up on display at the station to show future generations how they helped to restore a heritage railway.

Sleeper Club Members 2018

Michael Griggs

How to become a member of the Sleeper Club

Click here to download the Sleeper Club Application Form and forward your donation with the Sleeper Club application form to:

OTHR Sleeper Club
PO Box 299
Oberon NSW 2787


Go Fund Me

Have you made a donation recently?

Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway Inc. (OTHR) is constantly raising funds. With all the goodwill in the world, our vision cannot happen without a constant cash flow and you can make it happen.

OTHR committee has a Business Plan to bring the Oberon Tarana Branch Line up to operating specifications but there are a myriad of start-up costs, independent reports and dollar for dollar grant contributions to cover.

With our vision, hard work, and your contributions that vision will become a reality.

OTHR committee will have Stage One, Oberon to Hazelgrove up and running within two years of reaching our funding goal, but it is up to you to help reach that goal.

To make that donation head to “GoFundMe” at and follow the prompts, or simply send a cheque to P.O. Box 299, Oberon NSW 2787 and mark it “fundraiser”.