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The Morgan Owners Club of Australia is celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year.
The Morgan Diamond Muster will bring together entrants from New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and even Overseas from Thursday 18th October to Sunday 21st October 2018, centred on Bathurst and district.
Friday 19th October is a big day for OTHR and Oberon when the Morgans come to town.
Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway Inc. will be hosting the Morgan Diamond Muster at the Oberon Station Precinct. You can expect to see around 110 Morgans and 250 Visitors on the day at the station gates.
Entrants will be divided into 5 groups and dispatched from Bathurst to tour a variety of Oberon’s best touring roads and scenic vistas on the way to Oberon.
Friday 19th October will be a Morgan overload in Oberon.
OTHR will be providing guided tours of the Oberon Railway precinct including a Devonshire Tea, while the Oberon Heritage & Collectors Club will also display many interesting local cars, trucks and machinery at the Muster.
Barry Hughes Tractor Orphanage and Oberon RSL Sub Branch Museum will also have their collections available for inspection.
Oberon Council and Oberon RSL will have a strong involvement on the day.
If you were thinking of visiting us, then make this the day!!
The Morgan Diamond Muster and Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway Station Display will make this day one of Oberon’s biggest in 2018.

OTHR has applied to Office National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) for a variation to its existing Rail Infrastructure Manager (RIM) & Rolling Stock Operator (RSO) accreditation, to shunt Rollingstock by Locomotive within the Oberon Station Yard.

Coming to Oberon? Why not visit Oberon Railway Station and Rollingstock Shed? In the Heritage listed PC3 station building you will see a photo display of the Tarana Oberon branch line history, OTHR’s restoration of the Oberon Yard Precinct and railway memorabilia. Walk through and seat down in 1897 American style End Platform Carriages. In the Yard view a variety of trikes and track inspection cars and a short walk down to the Rollingstock Shed where you can find our 73CL Diesel Locomotives, more carriages and inspection cars.

Open on the 1st Saturday of the month between 10.00am to 2.00pm or by appointment for groups (see Contact Us page on
Admission charge is $5.00 (18 years and over)

OTHR has applied to John Holland Rail CRN for a variation to OTHR’s Heritage Operators Licence (HOL) to include a further 6 km’s of track north of Oberon to Hazelgrove Station Yard. In a parallel application to Office National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) OTHR has applied for a variation to its existing Rail Infrastructure Manager (RIM) & Rolling Stock Operator (RSO) accreditation to include the additional 6 km’s of track North of Oberon to carry out track maintenance and operate TMV’s

A list of jobs we would like to complete during future working bees. It may be necessary to change the structure of future working bees. Five day in a row at the beginning of each month is not practical for many of the members. If you have an idea or suggestion to make about this email the President Greg Bourne at

  • Carpentry  –  The lock up Door, Install wooden yard gates at northern fence near home signal,
  • Container  –  Clear up inside container to allow storage of tools
  • Clean up and weed control  –  Weed control along line to Hazelgrove, tidy up storage area at the tip.
  • Mechanical  –  Tractor service
  • Museum & station display  –  List the origin, add ownership of exhibits (database or spreadsheet) Display of signals and points,
  • Office  –  Office sort documents and develop a filing system
  • Painting  –  The lock up – paint exterior, Paint the timbers on restored S-Wagon, Paint carriage roof – Silver- shield and other colour, Paint ends of culverts
  • Rolling stock shed  –  Develop the area in front of office. Work shop or kitchen? Fix drips in roof and gutters, Doors to rolling stock shed. Put gravel in between sleepers on 2nd & 3rd roads into Rollingstock shed
  • Track  –  Relocate ladder on home signal.