Rolling Stock move from Bathurst to Oberon

On Saturday 13th and Tuesday 16th of September, a bogie ballast plough van, refrigerated van and flat wagon were moved from Bathurst to Oberon railway yard.

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September 2014 Working Bee

September Working Bee
The September working Bee was held over the 5 days Saturday 6th to Wednesday 10th. A variety of activities were carried out. Eight people were in attendance for all of or some of the 5days and over 102 hours of work were completed.
Completed tasks
• Rail to connected to frog
• Machinery relocated in the back of the shed
• 150 sleepers moved from Hazelgrove to Oberon
• Fish plates were added
• Sleepers replaced on main line near the station
• Installation of catch point on road 1
• Rails cut to length for road 1 & 2
October Working Bee Saturday 4th to Wednesday 8th.


Station Display Open

We are very pleased to announce that we will be regularly opening the Railway Station to the public to come and view our collection of railway memorabilia, photos and documents and come and chat with some volunteers about our project and the history of the Oberon-Tarana line.

The station will be open on the FIRST SATURDAY of each month between 10am and 2pm.


Track Manager Peter Culley Retires

Peter Culley has indicated that he needs a break from the rigours of Track Manager and is taking ‘time out’ for 12 months. Peter will still be available for specific working bee jobs – particularly those requiring the excavator.

Peter has been out hard-working Track Manager for about 8 years now and we owe him a huge vote of thanks for all the “blood, sweat and tears” he has put into the job over that time. Early in the project, Peter took over from Matt McMahon, who was our first energetic Track Manager.

Peter brought his own unique personality to the job and encouraged many of the OTHR volunteers over the years. He also introduced the social excursions as a reward for those volunteers who had spent many hours during the monthly working bees slaving on the line.
On Peter’s watch there were over 10 000 sleepers renewed between Hazelgrove and Oberon station, plus the Oberon yard was largely re-sleepered and drainage installed. During the conservation of the S Truck Peter was there supervising the team and leading the way. At many volunteer and Xmas BBQs Peter could be seen at work, beer in hand, handling steaks, sausages and onions with finesse.

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Peter was also a leading hand in the dismantling, transport and re-erection of the sheds to form our large rolling stock shed – now a major feature of the Oberon station yard. One recent major project which would not have been so successful without Peter driving the council excavator was the expedition to Coolah to retrieve the rail and points – urgently needed for our extra lines in the rolling stock shed and the Hazelgrove site restoration.
All-in-all we have a lot to thank Peter for and we wish him well in his “sabbatical”. We look forward to seeing him return with renewed vigour in 12 months time –meanwhile Peter has “gone fishin”.