OTHR has rolling stock on custodial loan from other heritage operators and the ORH. We expect that this may expand as other operators and owners choose to utilise the facilities of the Oberon Branch line.

HLF854 & CBA850 reunited at Oberon Station ©Peter Culley

Heritage Carriages – 1897

These two carriages are from the former Set 21 and are designated CBA 850 HLF 854.  OTHR is privileged to have these historic carriages at Oberon on custodial loan from RTM (NSW).

Set 21 was built by Ritchie Brothers of Auburn in 1897.  The cars entered service with as lighting and varnished exteriors.  They were converted to electric lighting during August 1930.  Set 21 was painted either during the 1920s or when the set received electric lighting.

In March 1941 they were converted to a first class car with centre lavatory and a second class car with Guards accommodation and centre lavatory. At this time, they would have been painted in Tuscan Red and Russet.

At some time during the late 1950s or early 1960s the carriages were modernised to their present form. They would then have been painted in the Indian Red colour scheme. In 1969, one car was altered to provide composite accommodation for both first and second class seating.

Following the final withdrawal of all end platform carriages from the Illawarra Line early in 1977, Set 21 was purchased by the Rail Transport Museum.  During the mid 1900s they were transferred to BHP ort Kembla on loan or their internal excursion services until this service ceased in 2006. They have been in under cover storage at Bluscope Steel ever since then until their transfer on loan to OTHR in May 2010.

OTHR intends to use these two historic carriages for our tourist trains – initially operating with diesel locos between Oberon and Hazelgrove.

The reference to Set 21 can be found on pages 39-42 of Coaching Stock of New South Wales Volume 2.

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